Our 10 principles of conduct

1. Design which blends

Visitors don’t come to your website for the design. We adapt the design to your content in a manner which is not intrusive, but natural and which enhances the user experience.

2. We test and measure

Of course we rely on our instincts and intuition, but we always build on hard data.

3. State-of-the-art technologies

Thanks to our experience with developing major projects, we know how important it is to make streamlined, high-quality code. Quality coding is our central credo.

4. We never work without a prototype

A website without a prototype is like building a house without construction plans. For crafting a good prototype, we need to know your user – that's why we ask the important questions and find proper solutions.

5. Use it anywhere

Mobile devices, tablets, notebooks, TVs – there are many ways to use your app. We make sure the user experience is always positive.

6. We will help you with writing the content

Users visit your website for the content. We develop its basic structure in the prototype, and we will happily help you with putting together the actual content.

7. We enjoy our work

Connecting design, technologies and people is a rush for us. We work with enthusiasm, and we stand by the quality of our products. Life is too short for boring work.

8. We always learn from our mistakes

We are critical of ourselves and of our work, and we always work until we are happy with the finished product. Asking ourselves how we can do better is a part of our ethics.

9. We like people

Sometimes you may hear us talking tech-talk, but don’t worry – we’re not from another planet.

10. The first deadline is just the beginning

We like seeing your business grow. Further maintenance and development of our projects is part of our job.


Website development and mobile applications

Website development and mobile applications

Our experienced developers build robust applications which you can easily develop further. Thanks to their precision, code-review process, and automated code testing, we are absolutely sure of the product’s reliability. So you can sleep easy.

We believe that there is strength in free software and openness. That is why we use open-source projects, and we contribute to them whenever we can. We never chain our clients to our products.

  • Back-end development – PHP + Symfony
  • API and systems integration
  • Code testing, automation
  • Server configuration
  • CMS Drupal

Front-end development and HTML coding

Front-end development and HTML coding

Even the best design cannot guarantee that your application will be easy and intuitive to use. The front end is the point of contact between you and your visitors, and determines whether your visitors go on to become satisfied users.

By following tried and tested principles and using state-of-the-art technologies, we are able to make sure that your application will be a joy to use. On any device, anytime.

  • Style guides and UI libraries
  • Front-end applications with the React technology
  • Progressive web apps
  • Responsive HTML prototypes
  • Interactive components, animations

Operation and Maintenance

Operation and Maintenance

We enjoy operating and taking due care of the applications we develop. We are able to offer both products for up-and-coming projects, as well as strong cloud platforms for more demanding applications. We do all this with contractors from within the EU and in line with the strict demands of the GDPR.

We keep as many processes automated as possible. You can thus rely on the highest possible level of flexibility and reliability when realizing your project.

  • Website monitoring with the Pingdom service
  • Monitoring application logs with automated problem notifications
  • Reliable email sending through the Mailgun service
  • Advanced analytics from Hotjar

UX + UI design and user testing

UX + UI design and user testing

We are one of the few who create live, responsive HTML prototypes. These model websites allow us to test your application on real devices in the earliest phases of your project’s development. For less demanding projects or editing proposals we use rapid prototyping, or even hand-drawn sketches.

We cooperate with the Czech Republic’s foremost experts on user research and testing. Our clients thus have complete assurance that their products will truly work for their users.

  • UI design
  • UX design
  • Style guides
  • Responsive HTML prototypes
  • User testing

Webdesign and creative graphics

Webdesign and creative graphics

User interfaces for applications are our speciality. Easy-to-use and consistent while remaining fresh and imaginative – we can carefully develop your existing brand, or build it from the ground up.

For us, graphics are a way to properly develop the presentation of your content. We take time making our design choices, and we are constantly inspired by both the age-old and the cutting edge ideas of the world’s most respected designers.

  • User interface design
  • Responsive webdesign
  • Mobile applications design
  • Visual identity and brand manuals
  • Typesetting and design of printed materials

Consulting, training and guidance

Consulting, training and guidance

We don’t keep our know-how to ourselves. With more than 10 years of experience with the web, software development and project management, we have tried and tested many approaches and many technologies – both good, and bad.

We like sharing our knowledge with others and we like to educate and push the limits of the Czech Republic’s professional community. Your firm can be next.

  • Modern web front end, React, Bootstrap
  • Sustainable software development
  • Project management
  • Code review
  • Consulting and advisory services