We have been cooperating with Mr. Urban and VisionApps for a number of years. Throughout our communication he has always remained professional, and the quality of the work was always at the highest level. Due to their flexible time schedule, short waiting times and high-quality work at acceptable prices, I can recommend them to just about anyone.

Ondřej Šejtka, Deputy chairman of the Czech Council of Children and Youth organization

It began in 2012


Along with designer Pavel Janáč we are the winners of the tender for creation of the “Kecejme do toho” project logo. We first create the visual stylistics, and immediately thereafter the first website www.kecejmedotoho.cz is born.

Czech Council of Children and Youth — 2012


We commence work on the website for a new project of the European Youth Card EYCA, which we then launch at www.eyca.cz.

2012 Autumn

We perform analysis and create a new visual identity for the organization and a UX proposal for the new web of the Czech Council of Children and Youth — www.crdm.cz.

Czech Council of Children and Youth — 2013

2013 Spring

We create the web-based pilot project “72 hours”.

2014 Spring

Another annual event of the “72 hours” web project is in preparation.

2014 Summer

During five evenings we create the website for the parliamentary elections information campaign for young people as part of the “Vím, proč volím” (“I know why I vote”).


We launch the informational website for the new Civil Code which later, in 2016, develops into an NGO guidance and consultation centre.

Czech Council of Children and Youth — 2014


We give the platform the option of geolocation. There are also large investments into the application’s technological infrastructure.


We launch the new website for the “Kecejme do toho project”, www.kecejmedotoho.cz.

Czech Council of Children and Youth — 2016

2016 Autumn

We launch the biggest consultation service for non‑governmental organizations — poradna.crdm.cz

And the story continues…

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