For several years, the team of VisionApps has been a reliable partner of the German Federal Youth Council. We highly appreciate their deep understanding of issues, future-proof solutions and encompassing, helpful support. As a positive side-effect, the co-operation has also encouraged a professionalisation of our internal working methods. The experience shows that one should not be afraid of language barriers – VisionApps proved to us that ambitious projects can be an ongoing success story.

Tim Schrock, Co-ordinator for e-particiation tools, German Federal Youth Council (DBJR)

It began in 2012

2012 Autumn

We are contacted in order to develop a new version of the German platform for structured dialogue with youth. Because we are running at full capacity, we only agree to develop a part of the overall project — frontend development.

Unsere Geschichte mit DBJR — 2013

2013 Winter

The web is finished and is immediately put into operation.

2013 Summer

We modify the platform so that it accommodates video competition. Even at this time it was obvious that we would participate on the system’s further development.

2013 Autumn

We create the first wave of extensions to the system. More such extensions occur also in the period between 2013–2016.

2015 June

We launch version 3 with a completely reconceptualized idea of the system’s core.

Unsere Geschichte mit DBJR — 2016

2016 May

We finish version 4 and we change our method of collaboration with the client to a fully agile one.

2017 January

During major update the ePartool gets new geo-location functionality allowing contributions and consultations to be location-based and geo-fenced. Under the hood improvements to the application allow for Continuous Integration and Delivery.

And the story continues…

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