VisionApps is our reliable partner for developing and administering our web sites. Our cooperation, now spanning a number of years, has also taken us far in terms of the graphic design and the creative development of new designs. Last but not least, they are also an accommodating and professional consultant in the sphere of communication solutions and current technological demands.

Kritharta Brada, Managing Director and Owner

Our story begins in the Summer of 2013

2013 Summer

David, still a freelancer at the time, starts collaborating on the design of the packets for a new product from Everest — the Indian Amalaki fruit.

Everest Ayurveda — 2014

2014 Spring

The book A Guide to the Effects of Himalayan Herbs, Teas, and Fruit is published. It is so successful that it soon starts being sold also in regular bookshops. Apart from the book, the collaboration also continues on other graphic design projects.

2014 December

We prepare the first UX proposal for the internet store. The client decides to implement it with his own resources, and our cooperation winds down. Only for a while, however.

2016 Q1

The client once again contacts us to develop a new internet store. We commence with the UX and design and, within a few months, we launch a Czech internet store built on the robust platform of Drupal Commerce. Soon after launch, we prepare the e-shop’s first language clone.

Everest Ayurveda — 2017

2017 Summer

The year 2017 was devoted to a big project — redesigning the tea packets. The journey was long, but the final results will be well worth it. Customers can look forward to the new wrappers for Spring 2018. But the company has also been keeping busy, as we have launched other language versions in Spain, Hungary, Romania and England. We are preparing New Zealand and Poland next!

Everest Ayurveda — 2018

2018 Q1

We finish the project of redesigning the tea packets. As of January 2018, there are a full 10 language clones of the internet store in full operation.

And the story continues…

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