When we stood before the challenge to develop a wholly new web portal for holders of the Gusto Karta electronic meal voucher, also for the company and restaurant owners, David and the whole VisionApps dev team devoted much time to us. At first they just listened. Only later, after really understanding our specific needs and requests, did they start talking. And it made sense. It took us a few months before we cooperated and built a very intuitive and user-friendly web portal, one which fulfills all our needs. Furthermore, thanks to the high-quality tech solutions, it offers simple possibilities for extending it to further projects. We greatly value the diligent work which went into the prototype and into the troubleshooting, and are grateful for the opportunity to test just how well our ideas function in real life.

Lukáš Malík, Marketing Manager, Gusto Karta

It began in 2016

2016 Summer

We launch the presentation website, designed in tandem with Lukáš Nádvorník.

2016 Autumn

We are preparing the UX solution for the user administration for three target demographics — the voucher card’s end users, the card’s company admins, and the venues which accept it.

2016 Winter

We launch the first version of the administration system, and continue in development.

Gusto Karta — 2017

2017 Spring

We launch the card into the production environment, now with complete MVP functionality.

Our collaboration finished, we handed the project back to the client who is further developing it. We are glad to have helped with the project’s startup and wish the best of luck.

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