David Urban of VisionApps is not the type of contractor who merely fulfills your expectations. He is a real partner, with whom you can easily cooperate, who helps, who really thinks about the task at hand and comes up with new and original ideas. A big plus is also the speed, and willingness to offer continuing support for his work.

Mikuláš Procházka, LMC

It began in the Spring of 2013


Adam, still as a freelancer, becomes part of the Teamio project, where he works as consultant for frontend development.

LMC — 2014

2014 Spring

Within a month’s time we finish the LMC presentation website LMC.eu and launch it into full operation. The designer is Lukáš Hejč from LMC.

2014 Summer

We develop the SEDUO educational platform, which was, at the time, still a type of internal experiment.

LMC — 2014

2014 Autumn

We create the smysluplnedarky.cz website, where the LMC clients may allocate money to NGOs as a type of Christmas present.

LMC — 2015

2015 Summer

We modify the SEDUO web application, which is then launched into full, public operation. It becomes the biggest Czech player on the field of e-learning.


We continue in the collaboration with the LMC website LMC.eu as well as with the next event of Smysluplné dárky.

LMC — 2016


Autumn sees the third iteration of the annual good-will event Smysluplné dárky (Meaningful Gifts).

LMC — 2017


LMC gives its visual identity a makeover, and we are contacted to make a new website. We accept the challenge and, by the end of the year, have two new stand-alone versions ready in both Polish and English.

LMC — 2018


We prepare a new product gallery for HR Marketing LMC. We take the opportunity to combine for the first time the WordPress administrative system with our own platform — TwigYard.

And the story continues…

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