The Students’ and Graduates’ Month has a long, 15 year-old tradition in the LMC company and the organization for the 2016 event was delegated to me. Due to unforseeable cirumstances there was no clear “blueprint” for telling me how exactly to go about preparing this project. But, thanks to some helpful colleagues who knew the partial steps from previous years, we put together a plan. It was at that moment that David Urban really helped me as the external supplier.

Thanks to David’s knowledge of the microsite concept from last year and thanks to his good will, immediate email replies and overall support in realizing individual tasks, I managed to finish the project for 35 of our major clients from the whole Czech Republic in exactly the allotted time. He has my deepest thanks and I would recommend David as a reliable contractor for any similar projects to all companies, big and small.

Eva Drábová, HR Marketing Specialist

It began in the winter of 2013

Students’ and graduates’ month at — 2013

2013 January

In cooperation with the UX department at LMC we prepare the first application for the Student’s and Graduates’ month.

Students’ and graduates’ month at — 2014

2014 April

The second campaign on which we cooperated is launched, and is supported by all the foremost Czech Universities and, with their help, the big players on the Czech market can search for new employees.

Students’ and graduates’ month at — 2015

2015 April

The 2015 campaign comes around and with it a post-apocalyptic zombie mini-game, which pleases all visitors. Based on their choices in the game the visitors also receive recommendations as to which field of employment best suits them.

2016 April

The 2016 campaign presents the game “Operation M.A.R.S.” developed by the company NOEMATA s.r.o. We continuously and gladly service the completely revised application which also includes a feature which offers space for presenting our client’s company.

Students’ and graduates’ month at — 2017

2017 January

2017 was a year of great changes. Students and graduates received the option of further education or, through the form of a quiz, find out which company is best for them. The web’s visuals get a makeover, and June becomes graduate month.

And the story continues…

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