We have been cooperating with David and his team on various projects for a number of years. We have been working together on the branding, web, and graphics for the Structured Dialogue with Youth since the very beginning. At first we would think up flippant, difficult ideas, but we always received exactly what we asked for.

What I appreciate even more is that the team didn’t allow itself to be fully influenced by our visions, but they came up with ideas of their own which were quite different from our original vision, but fulfilled the objectives and, finally, we were much happier with the alternative than with anything which we managed to come up with originally. I also very much appreciate their reliability and openness, their personal interest and professional conduct, as well as their flexibility and the long-term support which has continuously been offered; their creativity, and ability to implement their vision and… I could go on. Suffice it to say that without VisionApps we would not be where we are now.

Mgr. Jan Husák, The coordinator for the National Work Group for Structured Dialogue with Youth, member of the board of directors for the Czech Council of Children and Youth

It began in 2014

National Society for Structured Dialogue — 2014


In the Spring of 2014 the Ministry of Education delegated the Czech Council of Children and Youth with the job of developing and running the National Work Group for Structured Dialogue with Youth. After successfully getting the resources for its activity, the group approached VisionApps, still Synergic at the time, in the summer of 2014 regarding our branding, the site, promotional materials, which is when our collaboration really took off.

National Society for Structured Dialogue — 2014

2014 October

We prepare the work group’s website prototype.

National Society for Structured Dialogue — 2014

2014 November

The first drafts of the logo are created, which are then immediately approved. The visual identity is coming together.

National Society for Structured Dialogue — 2014

2014 December

We launch the responsive website www.strukturovanydialog.cz, based in the Drupal 7 platform.


We collaborate on a number of graphic solutions, posters, books and brochures. The website is up and running.

2016 Spring

We perform data analysis through Google Analytics and we draft the website’s further development.

2017 January

We prepare the visuals for young UN delegates.

And the story continues…

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